Municipal Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection Si Hongdong Attends the Launching Ceremony of the Work of Post Crime Prevention for Campus Reconstruction & Extension

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On the afternoon of March 9, 2015, Anshun municipal leaders including Si Hongdong, Member of the CPC Standing Committee and Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection, Wu Ying, Secretary of Anshun People’s Procuratorate and Chief Procurator, Pan Yong, Party Member of Anshun People’s Procuratorate and Deputy Chief Procurator, Peng Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Anshun Economic Development Zone, Zhang Hongli, Director of the Post Crime Prevention Bureau, Yang Ting, Deputy Director of Anti-Corruption & Bribery Bureau, and Kang Min, Deputy Director of Anti-Dereliction of Duty Bureau and other local officials arrive ASU and attend the launching ceremony of the work of post crime prevention for the program of campus reconstruction and extension. For the part of ASU, Mr. Luo Rongbin, Secretary of the ASU Party Committee, Mr. Liu Lei, President of ASU, Tao Wencai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Ms. Xiong Min, vice President, and directors of other departments participate in the ceremony.

On the ceremony, Mr. Tao Wencai reports the progress that has made in the program of the campus reconstruction and extension. Ms. Xiong Min and Mr. Pan Yong gives an account of the work related to post crime prevention. Also, Mr. Si Hongdong points out that the program should be carried out with high quality to meet the demands of undergraduate education qualification assessment.

Mr. Luo Rongbing and Mr. Liu Lei also stress the importance of making the program a safe and clean one with high quality.

At last, Ms. Wu Ying states that corruption in higher education could only be rooted out by reinforcing the system of prevention and punishment.(translated by Yang Aoshuang, International Office)

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